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Take a look

The first step should be signing up here on chatmehard.net. This is the main site, where our users enjoy our interactive content. Here you can see how the stories work and how we are selling them. After you’ve checked out the main site, it’s time to take a look at our Editor, where you’ll be creating those exciting and immerse interactive stories. Visit editor.chatmehard.net, and sign up again! The two systems aren’t connected yet, so we need you to register separately.

IMPORTANT! You can use the editor only from laptop/PC.

After you logged in, you’ll see a Basics canvas where explain how you can use the Editor, and a Sample story, where you’ll see how an interactive chat story is built. You can take your time here, start a new story, play around to get to know the features. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! You’ll fin our contact info at the bottom of this page. Also, we encourage you to let us know if you have feedback on the site or the editor, or if you have a feature in mind that’s not in there yet.
Interactive story editor

Write your first story

Let’s see how to create your first interactive sex chat story!

REMEMBER! Chatmehard is about giving people the best sexting experience in the world. The stories we create are made so that the readers can forget they aren’t talking to a real person. So when you’re writing your story, always ask yourself:

“Is this a valid texting conversation?”

“Does this feel real?”

Coming up with a plot

Currently we have cuckold, cheating, incest, MILF, babysitter, bully and college stories on the site. The most popular are the cuckold and incest ones. If you choose to go with these, make sure that your plot is different from the existing stories.

You can also choose a less common category, but make sure you consult with the Chatmehard Team in order for us to be able to advertise it in the right places. For example, if you’d want to write “alien sex” stories, there is a high probability that our current reader base wouldn’t be into that, but if we market it in the alien sex community, your numbers have a much better chance.

Choosing a media set

Sometimes you choose your plot first and search for the perfect media set for it, sometimes you choose your media set first and come up with a plot for it.

In the editor, you’ll find Basic and Premium media sets. Those writers who only write free stories, have access to the Basic sets, those who write paid stories have access to all of them.

Right now there are 7 basic media sets you can use, but we will add new ones in the future. Make sure you check the sound of the files as well, because in a few sets there might be elements with very specific talk, which can’t be used for every type of story, so sometimes it’s OK to leave out one or two elements.

The elements are numbered in a chronological order, so to avoid logic twists (for example that first she sends a pic without her bra but then she sends one with the bra on) it’s best to follow that order when using the media elements throughout the story.

How to create the story

The reason why people love interactive stories is that they can control the story. This means that they have different options to choose from, and after they choose one, the story is shifting in that direction.

These “shifts” are mostly temporary though. If every answer option would affect the story until the very end, you’d need hundreds, if not thousands of endings. So to keep it under control, these shifts should be neutralized from time to time. The way to do this, is to create crossroads: these are points in the story where the readers will come through no matter what options they’ve chosen before ⤵️

Interactive story editor

The more important the shift is, the longer it is. Sometimes the shift can last throughout the whole story, for example in the Stepmom’s secret story, where after a complicated beginning, the reader can take a dominant path, where he dominates his stepmom (red), and a submissive path, where he becomes a pathetic cuck for his stepmom (yellow) ⤵️

Interactive story editor

These two paths stay separate throughout the whole story, and at the end one of them has 4, the other has 3 different endings ⤵️

Interactive story editor

It’s best if you think through your storyline before you start writing, think about what acts you can create around the media elements. You can even write up a sketch on paper, make a list of things of what could happen, what could be said in the story.

Examples for different paths in a cuckold story

  • the reader is into the cucking vs. or his wife/gf forces him into it
  • the reader knows about the cucking vs. it’s a surprise
  • the reader is into bisexual things with the bull vs he is not
  • the reader is into cum eating vs he is not
  • the reader wants hardcore humiliating vs he just wants light humiliation

Other than these, you can always put in questions as other answer options, the reader could ask the girl about a number of things, here are some examples for the cuckold genre:

  • Asking about a hung ex
  • Asking about a cuckold memory they share
  • Asking what her dream man would be like
  • etc.

Another basic way to create answer options is to react in different ways to the same thing: for example, she sends a nude, and you can either say “Oh my god your tits are amazing babe” or “I can’t wait to suck on those beautiful breasts” or even “I’d give everything for a tit fuck with you!”. These doesn’t affect the story that much, the talk can differ a little bit after these, they can explore the idea of tit sucking and tit fucking, but these paths can quickly come back together.

Since the media sets can’t provide much variety in terms of options, we advise that the readers should see almost all of the media elements no matter what path they choose. You can of course put some specific media elements behind some specific answer options, but make sure that the readers always (on every possible path) see at least 10 media elements!

Here is how you can add the media elements to your story:

Interactive story editor

Where you can put variety into the stories, is your writing. You can put endless possibilities behind the fix media elements. We strongly encourage to have more than one ending for the story! When the readers finish a story for the first time, 65% of them will play it at least one more time! They want to be able to go through another scenario, experience other options and other behavior inside the same plot.

Send for review

After you’re done with your story, check the following:

  • Make sure you didn’t leave any green dots unconnected
  • Make sure you don’t have grammar mistakes
  • Make sure that the number of blocks with only one answer option is as low as possible

After you’re done with these checks, you can send your story in for review with this button on the main dashboard:

Interactive story editor

We’ll review your story and contact you if anything needs to be corrected. In case not, we’ll put up your story on the site for sale in 24 hours.

Contact us

If you have any questions about these Writer Documents, the site, or anything here are the ways you can reach out to us:


  • ozymandias@chatmehard.net
  • info@chatmehard.net


  • u/ozymandias0000000


  • ozymandias#1689