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Dinner date with my mom’s friend Part I – Vicky Brown

You’ve been using a dating app for a while now, and in the recent days you set the age limit a bit higher. You realized that you kinda like mature women, some of them are maybe even more attractive than the girls your age, so you give it a chance. Tonight you were swiping again, and suddenly one of your mom’s best friends pops up on your screen. She is really hot, and you start to fantasize about spending a night with her… and then you swipe right. Match. You stare at the screen, you don’t even want to believe what just happened. And then you start thinking, what’s next. She is your mother’s friend, that’s the most fucked up situation you’ve ever been in… And then your phone vibrates.
Fantasize about what a dinner date would be like with your mom’s hot friend.
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